Assignment #2 write or plan

12 04 2007

If you look across the little bar at the top of the page, you’ll notice four different links to different spaces here at think:room.

The first is the “home” link – No matter what page you’re on, it will bring you back to this front page, and to the most recent post.

The “about” page – This just tells you why we’re here and what we’re doing.

ThinkFree Tools – An assortment of tools for composition. Click the link to see what that’s all about. I really like the ThinkFree tool setup because it also allows me to share with you the handouts you got from me in class.

For example click here to download the Jacob’s Rescue handout I gave you on Tuesday, April 10.

think:plan – Our calendar of events, and the one thing that updates your assignments on the right hand side of the page (also labeled “think:plan”).

Your second assignment is to use this calendar to plan your next important assignment(s). Click on the think:plan link, and follow the instructions to enter a due date for your next big assignment.

Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

8 04 2007

Here’s a little note to all of you to check your comments — I’ve left a number of comments at your blogs, but they’re not showing up. So, I contacted the learnerblogs guys and they said to try this out: Attach this little snippet of code to the end of your URL:


For example, if you’re Zack, your address bar would say this:

NOTE: you need to be logged in to do this

From what I understand, this will tone down the spam filter and more of your comments will come through.

Let’s hope it works!

Daily Assignments

5 04 2007

The students will have daily work in this class, and these assignments will likely cover a topic in one of their core classes. But the class will also follow a schedule, and look something like this:

    Daily Agenda

  • Check your blog for messages (2 minutes)
  • Independent reading — check other updated blogs in the student blog list (5 minutes)
  • Today’s Assignment: In a blog post, Describe the lesson from today’s science class.
    • The title of your post will be the topic of the lesson.
    • The body of the post will explain the concept you covered in science.
    • Attach a picture that fits this topic.
    • Create a link to a source of more information, or an opportunity to perform an experiment using the topic your covered in class today.
    • You may also attach a video to your page so that other students can see the science topic in action.
  • When you’re finished with the blog post, you may continue reading other student blogs and/or writing on a topic of your choosing.

The Daily assignments for the class can be quickly and easily distributed to the students via an RSS feed of the posts on this blog. And notice that I’ve tagged this post with “Daily Assignment” and “Science” so that students can quickly find this assignment by searching trhough some of the common phrases we’ll be using in this class.

Welcome to think:room

3 04 2007

Welcome to think:roomthe Imaginary Classroom!

The basic idea of this website is to give all students in a particular class one similar website where they’ll be able to accomplish a number of activities. For example, this main page would function as the teacher’s portion of the classroom.

    Each day students will see an updated list

  • Classroom assignments, based on core classes.
  • Specific assignments for this Intervention / Communications class.

Other parts of this page will link toward downloadable homework assignments (i.e., handouts and powerpoints from other teachers), the students’ blogs, and other sites of interest.

This page will function as the portal to the students’ online world.